Background Information

We are EngageNOLA, and we are working to engage young professionals around the upcoming elections in February of 2010.

The background: New Orleans is in dire straits. Our city is still struggling and there's no clear leadership to get us out from under our problems. Many of us have been in the trenches of recovery work since Katrina, but there's only so much we can do without the support of our local government. That doesn't mean we're looking to government to solve our problems, but we recognize we need to be a more powerful and distinctive voice in their conversations.

We've done so much since the storm and have learned a LOT. Young professionals in this city will be the future leaders, and now there's a bigger proportion of us than ever before. We're the biggest voting block, 79,000! What's important to them? How can we engage them to participate in the upcoming election? What principles will guide us and the city forward? That's where WE come in…

Note: The documentation contained in this wiki is a synthesis of the conversations that took place, an idea-for-idea capture versus word-for-word.

Session Objectives

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